Pre-ICO and ICO was founded in September 2017 in Switzerland. The company’s goal is to democratize trading through the use of blockchain technology. The platform will allow traders exchange both digital and physical assets in a transparent and decentralized manner. This is unlike the existing platforms which are controlled by a central entity.

Although a new platform, has been adopted as the preferred platform by two brokers that have been in the financial markets industry for a number of years. These are FXPRIMUS and Primus Capital Markets UK brokerage firms. Both are fully regulated FX and CFD trading platforms which handle billions of dollars worth of executed trades annually.

In addition several companies intend to IPO or ICO on the exchange. They include IncentivesSa, The Human Baton and OPOW. Pre-ICO and ICO

At the time of writing, the pre-ICO has been concluded. It ran between 7 and 25 November. The ICO will run between 7 December and Jan 4th 2018. targets to raise $100 to $135 million which is roughly equivalent to 200000 ETH. 200 million TIO ( trade tokens) will be exchanged for these. During the ICO, an additional 75 million TIO will be exchanged in order to reach the desired target of $100 USD.

The pre-ICO raised over $11 million which is slightly over 11% of the targeted $100 million dollars needed.

Breakdown of how works

The team behind describe it as the first ever blockchain based trading platform. This will be decentralized meaning no single entity holds monotonous control over it. The platform will also be more secure and transparent compared to traditional trading platforms and exchanges.

The decentralized nature of the platform will enable the creation of a shared liquidity pool. To become a member, you’ll need to own at least 2500 TIO trade tokens. These were valued at $875 pre-ICO and $1200 during the ICO. Having access to the liquidity pool will enable you invest and execute trades on assets. The shared liquidity will also entitle you to 50% profits earned as well as losses incurred.

As a blockchain based trading platform, will enable startups launch their IPOs or ICOs on it. However, information regarding authorization to facilitate IPOs and ICOs or distribution of commissions earned isn’t provided on their site or whitepaper.

How investors will earn

The team behind will offer members several earning opportunities which include the following:

1. Trading digital and physical assets on the platform

All you’ll need is 2500 TIO to be able to trade on the platform. Trade tokens act like real money you invest in traditional brokers that allow you to trade financial instruments. The company will virtualize physical and digital assets through their token. This will make it easy for traders to freely trade these instruments on the platform.

2. Access to the liquidity pool

As a member, you will have access to the liquidity pool. This qualifies you to get a share of profits earned and losses incurred at the rate of 50%.

3. Investment banking will double as an investment platform. They will invest on the behalf of members. Profits and losses earned from these investments will be distributed among members at the rate of 50%. All returns on investments will be distributed daily to members.

Is authorized? reports that they are compliant with financial security laws and regulations set in many jurisdictions across the globe. They also claim to be compliant with International anti money laundering laws as well as Know Your Customer.

Conclusion is one of the most ambitious ICOs to launch in 2017. It seeks to disrupt the financial trading industry by introducing an alternative to the traditional centralized broker platform. Users of the platform will be able to trade both physical and digital instruments while also earning from investments made on their behalf by the platform. The $11 million raised during the pre-ICO coupled by adoption by two regulated brokers is an indicator of the platforms potential.

Some questions however remain to be answered. The main question regards authorization to offer financial instruments trading services to investors and, whether they will be allowed to facilitate small companies IPOs and ICOs. These concerns are addressed by the company’s plan to apply for the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority license sometime in 2018. In addition, the platform also intends to integrate with the MetaTrader 4 platform to ease trade executions.

The company also intends to go public in December 2018. A common concern for investors is what happens to the tokens they hold. states that they are working to have the tokens traded on exchanges within 30 days after the ICO ends.

Trade IO (TIO)

Trade IO (TIO)